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I am a vibrant woman born and raised in Amsterdam and a devoted mother of a 16 year old girl. We love to travel and therefore have seen a lot of lovely places around the globe.

Amsterdam is my passion and getting to know different people and cultures as well. For me Amsterdam is THE place to be in the Netherlands….The Freedom, The Culture, The History and The Beauty make up the Amsterdam I would love to share with you!!


We offer events aimed at expats. Where we combine meeting each other, with historical facts of the city and information about daily life in Amsterdam!

Whether you are new or have been working here for a while, we will help you settle in .....Besides the events we can be booked by the hour to help you with practical matters.

We would love to show you our Amsterdam!

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How I Can

Help You

We offer several events…..they are at set dates. Where you learn some historical facts and we end the evening with drinks or food.

Besides the fixed events anything is possible, any help you need, settling in, finding your way around the red tape, just ask and we will help at a fixed hourly rate.


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